06:00 | 2021-Dec-01
AscendEX Lists VERA Token

AscendEX Lists VERA Token -

22:03 | 2021-Nov-30
Verlux Launches It’s Early Sale on Cardano / Releases it’s First UI Demo Design

Verlux a Cardano Based Cross-Chain NFT Platform has begun its seed sale on Cardano, which will run until December 9th. Read more

20:01 | 2021-Nov-30
Creator of Binamon, TB Labs Announces the Launch of Tango Chain — The New Metaverse Saviour

TB Labs introduces Tango Chain, an ecosystem to enhance accessibility and bring simplified life to metaverse technology. Read on.

19:30 | 2021-Nov-30
SAVAGE To Conduct its IDO via OccamRazer and FantomStarter on Dec 15

The world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for video and photography–SAVAGE–is launching its IDO on FantomStarter and OccamRazer. Read more.

19:00 | 2021-Nov-30
Polkadex Migrates Native Token PDEX From ERC-20 to Substrate

Polkadex announces it has moved its native PDEX token from the ERC-20 to Substrate and PDEX is now available on Gate.io. Read on

18:30 | 2021-Nov-30
ViralCoin’s “Fair Balanced Launch” Framework To Redefine DeFi Space

ViralCoin factors transparency and fairness as the operating principles of the social order via its redistribution model. Read on CoinQuora:

18:21 | 2021-Nov-30
Colony Raises $18.5 Million, Fuels Avalanche Ecosystem

This article talks about the Colony network and its successful $18.5 million seed funding. Read CQ to learn more.

18:17 | 2021-Nov-30
Successful launch of the dHealth Ecosystem

It comes as no surprise that the dHealth tokens with the token ticker DHP, which were offered via the IDO—sold out in just five hours.

18:10 | 2021-Nov-30
If You Missed Out On Safemoon, Metahero, You Don’t Want To Miss Bitrise Coin

Bitrise coin is the new crypto investment opportunity for those who missed out on Safemoon and Metahero.

18:08 | 2021-Nov-30
Metaverse Platform, BlockchainSpace to Onboard 20,000 Guilds With 2.4M Strategic Funding

BlockchainSpace announced a $2.4 million strategic funding round that will go toward onboarding the next 20,000 guilds.

18:00 | 2021-Nov-30
Urgent Message From Metahero Holders – Bitrise Coin Revealed

Bitrise coin has revealed an urgent message from Metahero holders. Though details of the message were not fully disclosed, the crypto community can guess that Metahero holders want to join the Bitrise coin.

17:47 | 2021-Nov-30
Rainicorn launches Jordi Molla 1 of 1 NFT Drop to Commence Upcoming MASKS Collection

This article talks about the partnership of Rainicorn (RAINI) and Krew Studios. Read CQ to learn more.

17:33 | 2021-Nov-30
Polygen to Conduct its IDO via Polygen, Trustpad, Polystarter and Copper

Polygen to Conduct its IDO via Polygen, Trustpad, Polystarter and Copper -

17:30 | 2021-Nov-30
Crypto.com Integrates Silvergate USD Deposits and Withdrawals

Crypto.com integrates USD deposits and withdrawals through Silvergate’s on/off ramp for the exchange’s institutional clients.

17:14 | 2021-Nov-30
Storj Price Prediction – Will STORJ Price Hit $7 in 2021?

This Storj price prediction article lets traders know if STORJ is a good investment this 2021. Read here for more.

17:00 | 2021-Nov-30
New NFT Gaming Startup Brings on Prominent Blockchain COO as Lead Advisor

A Florida-based blockchain gaming company called Blue Monster Games has just brought on Miguel Palencia as their Lead Advisor.

16:15 | 2021-Nov-30
Promising Trends Display Why it is the Right Time to get Hi Dollar

Hi Dollar's recent market trends are giving investors an urge to delve into their pockets, price jump almost 330% from its All Time Low in October.

16:05 | 2021-Nov-30
You Won’t Believe How Bitrise Coin Compare Avalanche token

Avalanche token is one of the most attractive coins today, having reached an all-time high price of $134.5 on 22nd November 2021.

15:51 | 2021-Nov-30
PathDAO announces high-profile backers and advisors in lead-up to BLBP

In preparation for its CopperLaunch BLBP (Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) on the 4th of December 2021

15:21 | 2021-Nov-30
Basic Attention Token Price Prediction – Will BAT Price Hit $3 in 2021?

This Basic Attention Token price prediction article lets traders know if BAT is a good investment this 2021. Read here for more.