15:13 | 2022-Jun-26
ETH Climbs for the Last 2 Days, Looks to Continue Trend

Ethereum (ETH) experienced a 24-hour gain according to CoinMarketCap.

13:28 | 2022-Jun-26
Binance CEO Continues To Work Closely With Singapore Regulators

The CEO of Binance thanked the Chief Fintech Officer of Singapore MAS for inviting him to the Point Zero Forum.

12:46 | 2022-Jun-26
Why Investors Are Keeping ADA in Their Sights Over the Weekend

Cardano has not yet recovered from the June 13 sell-off like some other cryptos.

12:21 | 2022-Jun-26
EU Regulators To Finalize Two Major Regulations by End of June

Two major EU regulations are said to be finalized by the end of June.

18:00 | 2022-Jun-25
RSC Fights Inequality With RSC Fund: NFTs To Mint Soon

Racing Social Club (RSC) NFT is raising funds to fight inequality and support drivers in the racing world. Read on.

17:31 | 2022-Jun-25
New Play-to-Earn Game To Be Released by Blockchain Gaming G4AL

Manel Sort, the CEO of G4AL, and one of the pioneers behind Candy Crush, says that they are working on a new P2E game.

17:01 | 2022-Jun-25
Poll: Crypto Community Prefers BTC Switch to PoS than ‘Let it Die’

A crypto influencer posted a poll asking which change is acceptable, supposing it became impossible to have a secure PoW blockchain.

16:45 | 2022-Jun-25
MEXC Global Enables Crypto Purchases Through Visa, Mastercard

MEXC Global, a crypto exchange, will now offer the option of buying cryptocurrencies using Visa and Mastercard.

16:33 | 2022-Jun-25
MATIC Momentum Slows Down, 9 EMA Support Retest to Come?

Polygon (MATIC) is currently 18th on CoinMarketCap’s list in terms of market cap, with a total market cap of $4,891,433,855.

15:57 | 2022-Jun-25
Ethereum Mainnet to Undergo ‘Gray Glacier’ Upgrade Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday, June 29, the Ethereum network will undergo a scheduled upgrade called “Gray Glacier” at block 15,050,000.

15:05 | 2022-Jun-25
Investors Concerned About SUSHI Lagging Behind Other Altcoins

SUSHI has been in some deep waters ever since the decentralized exchange (DEX) was deployed on the Kava network.

14:38 | 2022-Jun-25
YFI And YFII Prices Soar More Than 30% in the Last 24 Hours

YFI is the hottest trending project, according to CoinMarketCap, after a 30% 24-hour gain. Read more on this article

13:59 | 2022-Jun-25
DOT Climbs 4.34% in the Last 24 Hours, Will the Rally Continue?

According to the crypto market tracker, CoinMarketCap, the price of Polkadot (DOT) has increased over the last 24 hours.

13:35 | 2022-Jun-25
Crypto Market Crash Cuts Bitcoin Energy Consumption by a Third

Cryptocurrencies crashed so much this month that it forced the blockchain’s massive electricity use to dip.

13:05 | 2022-Jun-25
Ethereum Whales Purchased Over 150 Billion SHIB in 24 Hours

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been recovering well over the last few days and is up around 41.39% over the last week.

12:36 | 2022-Jun-25
Binance Receives Numerous Deal Proposals Amid Market Crash: CEO

Binance's CEO says the company is reviewing 50 to 100 deals from cryptocurrency businesses in light of recent market turmoil.

12:01 | 2022-Jun-25
BTC, ADA Post Gains as Traditional Markets Rally in Last 24 Hours

BTC and ADA see gains as traditional markets rise too. Vasil Hard Fork delay has postponed the ADA bullish move.

11:59 | 2022-Jun-25
Sri Lankans Turn to Unregulated Crypto Amid Crisis; India Moves To Regulate It

In anticipation of the country's impending economic disaster, many Sri Lankans turned to unregulated cryptocurrencies for financial security.

11:31 | 2022-Jun-25
Three Arrows Capital Isn’t Registered In Dubai, Says Regulator

A DFSA spokeswoman told CoinDesk that Three Arrows Capital is not a DFSA-approved organization and is not subject to regulation.

10:35 | 2022-Jun-25
Which Below $6 Crypto Is Worth Investing in for the Long Term?

The words of Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy Inc., crypto represents a high-risk, high-volatility asset to the short-term investor.